Alexis El Massih, Photographer

Alexis is a food, portrait, and travel photographer, and food stylist professional based in NYC. She earned her BA in Literature and History at Hellenic College in Brookline, MA, especially focusing on the cultural significance of European Intellectual History and Art Movement as reflected in Classical Literature. She had the opportunity to further enhance her art study by taking classes in oil painting, spending a semester studying Ancient Sculpture in Greece, and completing photographic mentorships in digital hand editing. 

Alexis first met Erin when she visited Erin's icon studio in hopes of learning the sacred art of iconography. They spoke about icons, but before the meeting was over, they had covered a myriad of subjects and found that they shared many of the same passions: most notably their passion for food and hospitality! Being raised in a Greek-American family of five children, one of the most substantial ways that Alexis learned lessons of her Orthodox Christian faith and experienced a culture's foundational values was through her family's unique expressions of Greek and Southern American hospitality. When Erin told Alexis about the cookbook they immediately found themselves collaborating on Hospitality and Joy. It has become their baby as they work nights and weekends or grab a few minutes at lunch to collaborate and plan the next shoot!

Alexis believes the art of food begins when planted and nurtured in the field, and is brought to deeper meaning when prepared with love and gratitude for the nourishment and gathering of friends, family, and community. Food is simply one of many ways Alexis sees cultural significance of hospitality intersecting with the joy of community and life. The photography included in this project and cookbook was styled, plated, and photographed by Alexis in her Boston apartment and in Erin's iconography studio, reflecting her dynamic set of skills and education, and the unique joy found in the life and lemons of every moment. 

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